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A Dog's Dinner

by Lewis Muller



Manufactured pet foods provide your dog with the calories it needs for energy. However, food processing and storage can destroy much of the valuable nutrition in pet foods, so it’s not easy to be sure that your dog is receiving all the necessary daily nutrition it needs from pet food alone.

Pets who lack appetite, either through poor health or being a fussy eater, may have a shortfall in everyday essential vitamins and minerals. A comprehensive multi vitamin and mineral formula can contribute towards your pet’s general health and wellbeing and help put a spring back into their step.

Good digestion is vital if your dog is to get the most out of the food they eat and adding a broad-spectrum probiotic with digestive enzymes to their daily diet can help to support effective digestive function whilst replenishing and maintaining a healthy balance of digestive flora.

As dogs age they start to slow down and may not needs as many daily calories, but they may benefit from supplements that contain glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM which help to maintain healthy joints and mobility. These nutrients are also ideal for young dogs and growing puppies to maintain strong bones and joints.

Some dogs are more prone to anxiety than others, and this can be a cause of distress for both the pet and its caring owner. If your dog is highly strung, over anxious or hyperactive, or suffers from separation anxiety a Canine Calming supplement can provide natural support to help maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind.

A glossy coat and healthy skin and the obvious signs of a healthy, happy pet. A dry or dull coat is a sign that your pet is lacking in essential nutrition. Omega 369 essential fatty acids are high quality omega oils that are the ultimate nutrition to help support healthy skin and coat and are routinely recommended by vets for both dogs and cats.

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