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Essential Oils


As part of our natural holistic approach to health and wellbeing, Lily & Loaf offer you the finest quality Essential Oils to support and complement your daily natural health and lifestyle.

Lily & Loaf Essential oils are pure, organic, highly concentrated oils which are ideal for use in aromatherapy, or simply to create an amazing atmosphere, with sensational aromas that can soothe, energise, revitalise, and inspire, to uplift mind, body and spirit. Lily & Loaf organic essential oils are potent and powerful, so it’s important to use them carefully and safely by following the advice on the fact sheet available on the product pages.

Lily & Loaf are members of The Aromatherapy Trade Council (Membership Number ATC/157).The ATC is the leading UK body for monitoring and regulating the responsible, safe and ethical trade of aromatherapy based products.

They formed to represent the interests of the consumer to ensure no misleading claims or false advertising is used to promote the sales of essential oils.

Being a member of the ATC means our products are regulated to an extremely high standard.

Looking to become a distributer yourself or wish to buy direct from Lily & Loaf? Then 'click here', a new page will open where you can buy products and register. My name is Lewis Muller and my ID number is 308082.

If you have any questions or comments get in touch using the contact form.


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