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by Lewis Muller

The Movember Foundation is a charity tackling men’s health on a global scale.

Did you know? Men die on average six years earlier than women. 30% of a man's overall health is determined by his genetics and the remaining 70% is controllable through lifestyle. Men live 9 years in poor health - mostly preventable by making small lifestyle changes. 30% of men are more likely to die from heart diseases at an earlier age.

Take a look at the Promega Daily Plus Pack.
A monthly programme combining the power of Pea Protein and Essential Fatty Acids with Zambroza designed to help bridge any nutritional gaps.

Promega Daily Plus

Pea Protein - Protein can help to make you feel fuller for longer and B vitamins provide a good source of energy. Pea Protein is low in carbs and free from dairy, gluten and lactose.

Super Omega-3 - Essential Fatty Acids have been found to have multiple health benefits, with both EPA and DHA contributing to the normal function of the heart, normal blood pressure, and the maintenance of blood triglyceride levels.

Zambroza - A great tasting antioxidant juice blend to help increase vital energy and replenish the body.

The combo pack contains 2 x Pea Protein Plus (465g Tub), Super Omega-3 EPA (60 Capsules), 2 x Zambroza (458ml Bottle)



More than just a multi-vitamin, this unique formula provides generous amounts of essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients specifically for the circulatory system.

Mega-Chel® includes antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E along with the trace mineral selenium, which contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, the normal function of the immune system and a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.



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