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Welcome to my website for health, nutrition, supplements and exercise. I have had a great interest in exercising since I was young. My Great Grandfather J P Muller (Jorgen Peter Muller) who wrote "My System" and other books in the series in the early 1900's was one of the pioneers of health and fitness for everybody and anybody. My interest in nutrition and supplements since 2004 is from my time as a Director at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology. Seeing how important nutrition is for our whole body and how people responded to it amazed me, also working in IT at the Oasis of Health clinic further highlighted to me how nearly all of us were lacking in one form of nutrition or another, and how lives can be turned around. The first thing that was apparent was how important quality is, and by taking and supplying nutrition from companies that make more than 600 quality tests to guarantee purity, potency and safety I know I am, and you are in good hands.

The two go hand in hand, and as this site grows I will be exploring the My System series, and for high quality nutrition and supplements view the products on the shop page. From e9, a healthy energy drink with no sugar spikes to the Purify Kit to supply clinically formulated nutrition for the microbiome, we have it covered.

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