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Welcome to my online shop. I have had a great interest in nutrition since 2004 when I was a Director at The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology. Seeing how important nutrition is for our whole body and how people responded to it amazed me, and with my then partner running a successful clinic further highlighted to me how nearly all of us were lacking in one form of nutrition or another. As I now know I was lucky enough to of been brought up in the countryside, on a low budget where we grew our own home grown produce and had a Great Uncle that supplied a fair amount of wild game, buckshot included and no fast food or processed food. This gave me a good start in life that I only now truly appreciate, especially when we see the problems facing society with health related issues over the last couple of decades.

I am glad I listened all those years ago and tried my first bottle of Zambroza and in the last year since I have introduced Synergy products, I have found a perfect balance of nutrition and supplements to make me feel great. The ease of taking the products suits me, making it easy for me to follow my nutritional program which has improved my physical and mental health across the board.

Many people are gaining improved health by taking these products and noticing real changes. Read the testimonials and see where you may also benefit and improve your own health.The sports nutrition and supplements are excellent products, whether like me you train or excercise for an hour a week, or a competing athelete these are ideal to introduce into your regime. I found taking the Synergy e9 on its own cleared my sinuses within a week allowing me to fully nose breath while exercising, this was a bonus as I originally took it to introduce l-argine into my system and use as an energy drink.

NSP's and Synergy's products are the highest-quality as they are manufactured in the same facility to the same high level, and both offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Lewis Muller

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